That's their main problem with me. Everything is very oddly cut. I read a whole story when they hired a new Creative Director and she talked about getting back to the basics - classic pieces. That sounds great - but then I saw what they had and it was all just bleh. The colors are bleh, the cuts are boxy - it's… » 10/22/14 4:29pm Yesterday 4:29pm

I'm a little annoyed that 13-year-old Kim looks about 17. If someone uncovers a video tape of me at 13 (which they won't because it was the 80s and only rich people had video cameras back then) I would for sure be saying stupid shit like "Dopest on the ropest" but I'd be covered in acne with bright red Sally Jesse… » 10/22/14 10:26am Yesterday 10:26am

Yeah, I'd heard those rumors too and I feel like her statement alludes to that kind of a history. I also remember her weight being under so much scrutiny when she did Bridget Jones and during the Chicago days she looked really really really thin. If she's healthy now and very happy, good on her. » 10/22/14 10:09am Yesterday 10:09am

I'd hang out with any of them. They've all got charisma even if I hate some of their politics. Carter is the only one who doesn't seem like he'd be too much fun. Everyone would be laughing and he'd be trying to get a group together to build a home or something. Nice, but kind of downer that one. » 10/21/14 12:31pm Tuesday 12:31pm

She looks like a sun-damaged Robin Wright Penn. Which, you know, is not really an insult because Robin Wright-Penn is a good looking lady. She's Princess Buttercup so I don't want to seem like I'm body shaming but yeah, she doesn't look like herself, she looks like Princess Buttercup without sunscreen. » 10/21/14 10:33am Tuesday 10:33am

I found the first year of living together to be challenging - not hard but not what I had pictured and a bit more work than I thought but thankfully not hard. We lived together for 3 years before getting married. First year of marriage was more of the same. For me, the first year of having a kid was really hard. » 10/20/14 12:01pm Monday 12:01pm

The Mean Janine should not be discussed ever. Plus, as a child, I pronounced her name as Jay-Nine until that book and then felt angry that I didn't realize that Janine rhymes with Mean and is not Jay-Nine. So she's not only mean but made me - a child - feel stupid and for that she should be punished. » 10/09/14 4:43pm 10/09/14 4:43pm

Agreed. My dad got scammed a few weeks ago on the computer. He's in his 70s. He's a smart guy but computers are not anything that he grew up with. He can make a power point and send an e-mail and do all of the basics but when anything goes weird, he gets anxious. He got a pop-up saying he had been hacked and then… » 10/07/14 2:14pm 10/07/14 2:14pm

SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT: I think that's the only thing that the movie didn't hit completely on the head. She's a sociopath. She puts on a great imitation of the Perfect Girl but loses respect for anyone who falls for her act while at the same time intensely hating anyone who doesn't buy it. I felt like that came… » 10/06/14 5:11pm 10/06/14 5:11pm