I'd hang out with any of them. They've all got charisma even if I hate some of their politics. Carter is the only one who doesn't seem like he'd be too much fun. Everyone would be laughing and he'd be trying to get a group together to build a home or something. Nice, but kind of downer that one. » 10/21/14 12:31pm Yesterday 12:31pm

She looks like a sun-damaged Robin Wright Penn. Which, you know, is not really an insult because Robin Wright-Penn is a good looking lady. She's Princess Buttercup so I don't want to seem like I'm body shaming but yeah, she doesn't look like herself, she looks like Princess Buttercup without sunscreen. » 10/21/14 10:33am Yesterday 10:33am

I found the first year of living together to be challenging - not hard but not what I had pictured and a bit more work than I thought but thankfully not hard. We lived together for 3 years before getting married. First year of marriage was more of the same. For me, the first year of having a kid was really hard. » 10/20/14 12:01pm Monday 12:01pm

The Mean Janine should not be discussed ever. Plus, as a child, I pronounced her name as Jay-Nine until that book and then felt angry that I didn't realize that Janine rhymes with Mean and is not Jay-Nine. So she's not only mean but made me - a child - feel stupid and for that she should be punished. » 10/09/14 4:43pm 10/09/14 4:43pm

Agreed. My dad got scammed a few weeks ago on the computer. He's in his 70s. He's a smart guy but computers are not anything that he grew up with. He can make a power point and send an e-mail and do all of the basics but when anything goes weird, he gets anxious. He got a pop-up saying he had been hacked and then… » 10/07/14 2:14pm 10/07/14 2:14pm

SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT: I think that's the only thing that the movie didn't hit completely on the head. She's a sociopath. She puts on a great imitation of the Perfect Girl but loses respect for anyone who falls for her act while at the same time intensely hating anyone who doesn't buy it. I felt like that came… » 10/06/14 5:11pm 10/06/14 5:11pm

I believe they bounce around candidates when there are a shit-ton of them. A family member I rarely get to see is in the secret service and after the last election I did ask them what dirt they could spill and they refused to but did finally tell me that out of all of the people that they had to protect, Hillary… » 10/02/14 11:29am 10/02/14 11:29am