Yep, same with my parents too. My grandparents paid for my mom's college, paid for their wedding, helped them buy a home and paid for our family vacations through the years. My parents had me put it all on loans, did not give me anything for a house except a hard time that I was renting. Although now they do let me… » 9/19/14 10:33am Friday 10:33am

You guys all have famous-sounding names. Is that why I'm a failure? Because I have a boring name? Please let me know so I have something to blame this on. No one with a name like "Clover Hope" is going to get stuck at a dead-end job in a non-profit. » 9/18/14 3:24pm Thursday 3:24pm

The lego heroes thing is a good example. My son is really into space and planets so he was asking about NASA and astronauts. I said "I met an astronaut once." and he said "What was his name?" and I was happy I was able to say "HER name was Eileen Collins and she came to my school to talk when I was in college." and… » 9/17/14 12:40pm 9/17/14 12:40pm

It's interesting to me having worked in broadcast journalism that I think her situation is probably fairly common. Her story is similar to mine. I met someone at work because you work such crazy hours and the only people you meet are the ones you work with. I knew he had a temper because he'd scream a bit at work but… » 9/17/14 12:33pm 9/17/14 12:33pm

Granted, I only lived in Austin for about 4 years, but I never thought it was as cool as everyone says it is. Maybe this is because I had to work with politicians more than musicians but meh. Too crowded, too many entitled UT students, too many self-important organic GMO-free hippies and then just 10 minutes away you… » 9/17/14 10:30am 9/17/14 10:30am

The cynic in me thinks that this is in some way a response to the bad press they received from the sexism lawsuit that they faced (and won but after a great deal of bad press indicating that they are an old boys club) but still . . . it's something. I'll take it. » 9/16/14 6:58pm 9/16/14 6:58pm

Every time I read about these exercise trends on here I realize that in 5 years I'm going to have to deal with my annoying sister and random Facebook friends inviting me to Soul Cycle events when it finally hits my midwestern city. Listen, I didn't do zumba or bar method . . . I'm not doing Soul Cycle and you can't… » 9/15/14 2:04pm 9/15/14 2:04pm

Agreed! She had hilarious characters and I've missed them. I think she shines more in that than reading the jokes. I feel like the people who have done really well at Update were not "character comics" - like Dennis Miller or Tina Fey. I'd be equally sad if Bobby Moynihan was a Weekend host because it would mean… » 9/14/14 7:01pm 9/14/14 7:01pm

Once at my work Aramark cafeteria I was making small talk with the cook while he made a grilled cheese for me. I said "Hey, when are you guys making desserts again? Those were good." because occasionally they'd make special desserts. He said "Well, we usually only do that when things are about to go bad. Like we did… » 9/14/14 6:49pm 9/14/14 6:49pm

I can't either. I don't like it. I got almost all the way through the first season before I realized I was treating it like an assignment. I have trouble remembering the characters names, I can't tell what they're talking about, I hate most of the cops. I can tell it is well made but man, I get one hour to myself… » 9/13/14 8:57am 9/13/14 8:57am

All of these "Things I know from watching my boys" or "Things I want to teach my daughter" lists are full of the most trite and ridiculous bullshit advice I've ever seen. They're always things like "If your sons play outside, they'll get dirty!" or "Sometimes children get upset and cry." » 9/12/14 12:26pm 9/12/14 12:26pm

To be perfectly honest - the 20 year olds where I work have a better grip on the social media. It's almost always the more experienced people who did not have this at all and they always are jumping on these sorts of things. Like they just read about hashtags and go crazy on them. A VP at my old job was in her 50s… » 9/09/14 5:25pm 9/09/14 5:25pm

Yep, it hit my older son's school and my younger son's daycare already. Both of mine just had very bad colds that settled in their chests. For my older son I did have to take him to the pediatrician one day when he was having trouble breathing at school. They just did a round of the inhaler at the office which… » 9/08/14 9:47am 9/08/14 9:47am