Yep, I'll drag some friends out to see it (not on Valentine's Day but sometime while it's still in theatres) and we can smuggle alcohol in like we did with Sex & the City. Or just go to one of the theaters where you can drink like we did with Hunger Games - that theater had themed drinks so I enjoyed two Katniss… » 7/24/14 9:47am Today 9:47am

I'm doing the lazy route with feeding too. My oldest is super skinny and very picky. He's puked before when I made him eat pot roast. I work, my husband works, in the few hours at the end of the night I just want to enjoy my own meal without hearing sobbing and gagging so if we are eating something weird, he will get… » 7/20/14 5:24pm Sunday 5:24pm

I tried that method. Gave up on it. It was a mess. Piss everywhere. It ended up taking 6 months to fully potty train (mine wouldn't poop in the toilet for the longest time). Worst experience of parenting so far. I dread it with my younger son. So no advice, really. They really do learn eventually when they are ready.… » 7/19/14 10:06pm Saturday 10:06pm

Yep, I denied it would happen to me because it didn't after the first child. Second child? It happened. I went from 7 or 7.5 to 8. I finally got angry and threw out all of my too small shoes because they were giving me the mistaken impression that I have more shoes than I actually have. » 7/18/14 2:53pm 7/18/14 2:53pm

I crashed my aunts wedding party. My sister was 6 and picked to be the flower girl. I was 3 and deemed too young. I flipped the fuck out in anger and jealousy. My grandma was a bit passive aggressive, I guess, and made my sister's flower girl dress and made me one to match. Day of the wedding I flipped out with a… » 7/17/14 6:34pm 7/17/14 6:34pm

I hate the parenting ones. "Things to say to boys that want to date my daughter" - "Things I'll say to girls who want to date my son" "Things to remember while raising boys" - "Things about raising girls" - They're all so cloying and terribly gendered "Boys get dirty! They need baths! Ha ha!" » 7/16/14 5:31pm 7/16/14 5:31pm

I bought a loom too. I pretended it was because my son wanted it but he's 5 so I ended up watching some 12 year old's YouTube channel and making complicated bracelets. I spent a whole evening working on a starburst and then one band broke the next day. » 7/14/14 8:13pm 7/14/14 8:13pm